As a budding entrepreneur

To me there is nothing more exhilarating than being an entrepreneur. I used to work here in the middle east as a professional accountant, however my my job although was rewarding, was never satisfying. My life was at a stand still career wise, my love life was as it is very boring, never had any serious relationships since the one in India. Actually never intended to get into a relationship until my career was set right.

My dad is a very successful entrepreneur, he has his own thing going on in India. And since the age of sixteen he tried to inject the entrepreneurial spirit into me, and well effectively looks like that paid off, I worked in his firm for a while before I shifted base to Dubai. I like to think that I have the entrepreneurial spirit in me, and needs to be nurtured a lot more.

Have I made any mistakes as a budding entrepreneur? Of course! Haha, I remember I had this fantastic idea, all planned out, excel sheets and the works! I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Binay R Shetty, through a cousin of mine. There is nothing I would give away for that learning experience, we went in with two of my other friends, Denny John and Fayaz Mohammed. We saw Mr. B.R Shetty as well, Binay’s father, someone with a net worth of over $1.7b, one of my inspirations, he started off as a medical representative and eventually started his own group of hospitals and and pharmacies around the middle east, later on to grow as one of the biggest hospital and hotel chains here in the middle east and India.
So what happened at the meeting? 


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