I have a mentor, Salam, she’s one with a lot of experience and has been a part of SHUAA capital, honestly very fortunate to have a mentor as herself. Today I’m researching about the possible competition that engage-e can have, now coming to think about it, the competition is huge! I have categorized by name, work, services provided, year founded, company size, revenue, clients, pricing, place, my own remarks, number of projects done.

I have to finish this in the best possible manner so that when I graduate from i360 I can use the same templates, to see where I can do best and which of my work can be delegated. Am I ready for the job? I don’t know to be honest, I haven’t gamified anything yet! I need to seriously start thinking of what to gamify to begin with. Gamification of i360 should be a good start. Have I given it due thought? hmmm yea I’ve saved a slide share that I came across. Does that qualify as due thought? I don’t know, well we’ll see. But it also seems like I might not have the time to deviate from the Engage – E project, coz deliverables, deliverables, deliverables! Its good, that they have a system like that, I am focused.

Every time I walk around the metro or go to the competitions, I think of all the different ideas that I’ve heard which can be gamified. Essentially I don’t just want to gamify and leave it with that, ideally would want to use the data and generate some analytics reports. Again that’s upto my awesome tech guy, Mustafa, whenever he can do it.


Today’s my first official blog post, although I have been an avid article writer, I have just started blogging, to be honest don’t know much about blogging. I am listening to some psy tracks when I’m writing this, and meanwhile preparing the marketing module for engage – e as well.

I have been preparing this module for the past three days, researching on the internet about startup marketing. I love this psy track that’s playing crazy astronaut – so damn tough. Any way, building a start up is a rush by itself, especially at an early age. I like to use thesaurus.com a lot, its pretty interesting the different words that can be used, maybe I’m crazy to think that thesaurus.com is interesting, but to be honest, I spend a lot of time on thesaurus.com. besides this I’m a devoted gamer, I play a lot of WOW since the past two and a half years, thanks to my friend Ron who introduced me to the world. Essentially hence so I’m a gamification enthusiast, however its not like I knew the term gamification since two years, but ever since I learned about gamification, I immediately realised that this has been in existence since a very long time.