Today’s my first official blog post, although I have been an avid article writer, I have just started blogging, to be honest don’t know much about blogging. I am listening to some psy tracks when I’m writing this, and meanwhile preparing the marketing module for engage – e as well.

I have been preparing this module for the past three days, researching on the internet about startup marketing. I love this psy track that’s playing crazy astronaut – so damn tough. Any way, building a start up is a rush by itself, especially at an early age. I like to use a lot, its pretty interesting the different words that can be used, maybe I’m crazy to think that is interesting, but to be honest, I spend a lot of time on besides this I’m a devoted gamer, I play a lot of WOW since the past two and a half years, thanks to my friend Ron who introduced me to the world. Essentially hence so I’m a gamification enthusiast, however its not like I knew the term gamification since two years, but ever since I learned about gamification, I immediately realised that this has been in existence since a very long time.