The Challenge Thus far…

ImageBeing an aspiring entrepreneur, I’ve had a few challenges, there are not many who would agree with me, and however the fact of the matter is that to me it felt quite challenging. I am an entrepreneur by nature and I always will be. I keep travelling up and down from Dubai to Al-Ain coz my folks are there. I have often contemplated during these trips on the different ways in which these challenges could possibly be solved. I’m an entrepreneur, so automatically I’m quite flexible when I want to get something done. I make sure that the thing that I want to get done or the thing that needs to be done is done by hook or by crook!

This song by Mumford and sons – The cave, lovely song, its soooo damn inspirational! I will make my life how it’s meant to be. I will hold on hope, you take what is yours and I’ll take mine. These are lyrics from the song. I will find strength in pain. A wise man once said that what doesn’t kill will only make you stronger. I think the same applies to entrepreneurs, in the context that however you try you gotta give it the push that the project needs. We had Ahmed Abusafia’s leadership training session the other day. It was one of the most inspiring sessions on leadership that I had attended. Damn man, MBTI is such an eye opener; helps you figure out a SWOT analysis of yourself, even this friend of mine went and researched on the perfect partner for him based on his analysis! Lol….

I had the best ideas, the most scalable one on the accelerator program; unfortunately I didn’t have a developer or more specifically a competent co-founder. I think this is really important for a beginner entrepreneur. I need to start being a little more stubborn with myself in the sense that if I want to be a successful entrepreneur I need to start making my own deadlines and program myself in a way that I can reach where I’d like to reach at a certain point not so far away in my life. My company Innovation 360 is awesome, I couldn’t ask for a better place to be at as an entrepreneur. The boss is chill and so is everyone around me. I have made some really good friends who are all entrepreneurs in their own way, very creative and very admirable characters. This life is made of time and choices, an endless blend of innovation. I’m here to serve one and only purpose, the purpose to keep my peace. By that I mean I wanna sleep like a baby when I go to sleep, trust me, to reach that level of satisfaction it requires a lot of hard work. I could be dreaming wide awake, but that’s the beauty of it, dreaming + action on the dreaming = success.

ImageDreaming is okay, its great actually; I think someone who dreams passionately often on something particular tend to do things that enable him / her to make the dream come true. Times when I just can’t, bring myself to say it loud, I often sit back and dream about it, and somehow automatically by default, I do things that enables me to make things happen. It’s probably a very powerful tool that one can use right to his/her advantage. Conclusion – be a dreamer, and act on your dreams. Another interesting and powerful act that I had come across is to teach what you learn. I can’t tell you how awesome that is. It’s pretty amazing, the after effects coz you understand exactly where the one who imparted his knowledge to you was at the time you manage to articulate the information. 


The art of entrepreneurial listening

ImageI stopped pretending to myself that I was anything else than what I was ought to be, had I really succeeded in anything else, I might never have found the determination to succeed in the one arena that I truly belonged, Some failure in life is inevitable, it is impossible to live with out failing at something unless you live with so cautiosly that you might as well not lived at all, in which case you have failed by default. It gives one an inner security that can be acquired by experience alone and no where else.

The Greek author Plutarch says, Know how to listen, and you will profit even from those who talk badly. I heard this from my dad one day when I was young and I was fighting and going out of my way to make a point as to why I needed a night out, I wanted to go party with my girlfriend and buddies, although mission accomplished after all the drama, that statement made by him somehow reserved in my mind, it was as though a computer language that was entered by a coder, and automatically implemented, me being the computer and my dad being the coder. 

Listen to others, if you wanna be a successful entrepreneur, you’ve got to master the art of listening, the way you start is by taking bits and pieces of what you hear from others and go home and try to make sense of it, if you make this a habit, I’m not kidding you when I say that there’s going to be much clarity in your vision and thoughts! 


Whom should you listen to the most? Your investor! I cannot emphasise more on the importance of keeping a good investor relationship, and by good investor relationship I don’t mean having a conversation or a cup of coffee, although its debatable that its probably the right way to begin, I don’t deny that, however, what is even more important is that you have to, you absolutely have to  find a way to show him/her that you are worth more than his investment in you. 

And how do you do that? by using as little resources as he gives and working out the max in return, put yourself in the investor’s shoes, you yourself haven’t gone to the extent of taking a risk and invested in yourselves (BTW I’m talking about seed fund seekers), by taking a loan or the likes. One has to understand the relevance  of the investor’s expertise, coz at the end of the day realization has to be made that the investor didn’t come to you, instead you went to the investor! for an investee, grab hold of any opportunity that knocks, coz it knocks only once.